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LePona Stud is situated on a beautiful farm in Kwazulu Natal about 10 km from Dundee. I grew up on a farm and my love for horses were soon discovered. I started breeding in 2000 out of two Lang-Carel mares bought from the Lang-Carel Stud. Since then I have expanded my herd of breeding mares to four.

With sound advise from Oom Jan v.d Wath and my knowledge of horses through my studies in Equestrian science we have moved the breeding of SA Boerperd horses into a new era.

Our breeding goal at LePona Stud is to breed bigger SA Boerperd horses that have versatile athletic abilities and the willingness to work. A horse that is not only an easy and trustworthy ride but also a competition horse, excelling in the world of showjumping, dressage and eventing.

Assessing conformation and selective breeding has rendered its rewards. Positive feedback from judges, spectators and fellow breeders are complementing our breeding goal.